• Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

    Cambridge Resources is one of the leading manufacturers of premium HVAC products in the United States. Cambridge has been manufacturing HVAC products for more than 15 years for over 150 HVAC industry distributors, and is the number one manufacturer of duct straps and duct support webbing. 

  • Plumbing

    Cambridge Resources offers a full line of hose clamps, gas connectors, and pipe hanging products specially designed for the plumbing industry. Of Cambridge’s broad offerings, many conform to UPC standards. You can find more than 100 SKUs of product at many of your local plumbing supply retailers.

  • Electrical

    Cambridge Resources proudly offers a full array of electrical products. Electrical contractors have trusted Cambridge brand terminals, Headstrong cable ties and other products for many years. All of Cambridge Resources’ electrical products meet or exceed UL standards.

    You can find hundreds of SKUs available at over 10,000 electrical supply distributors and retail locations across the United States.


  • Automotive

    Cambridge Resources proudly offers hose clamps, terminals and many other products specially designed for use by the automotive industry. You can find these products in over 10,000 automotive wholesale and retail locations across the United States.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer

    Cambridge Resources supplies its premium industrial products to many OEMs across a variety of industries. OEMs use Cambridge products in the products they manufacture because they know that they can trust it to be high quality and long lasting. 

  • Cambridge Retail

    Aside from supplying industry leaders with its premium industrial products via a network of distributors, many international retailers also carry Cambridge products. Cambridge Resources already has over 1,000 SKUs in over 15,000 retail locations across the USA. Keep your eyes peeled as Cambridge pops up in many new stores.